Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zawara Virtual Fitting Room

Online shopping is often a frustrating experience when it comes to clothes because it’s hard to imagine what they’ll look like on you. That’s where ZAWARA® comes in with a way to “see how it looks” on you through Virtual Fitting Room.

Online shopping is optimized for browsing, investigating, and accomplishing a transaction. But with Zawara Virtual Fitting Room, we are optimized for an engaging experience as well, similar to what you get in the malls.

With Zawara Virtual Fitting Room, a female shopper could effectively take a dress off the “rack” and hold it up to herself. She clicks on the “See how it looks” button, allows access to her webcam, takes a few steps back and then sees what would essentially be a mirror in the store. The computer screen will show her an image of how that dress would look on her. She can then better judge if the color and style are right for her. If it’s not for her, she can tell that right away and not deal with the hassle of a return.

It works pretty much how you'd think it would: When you've chosen an item of clothing you like the look of while you stand before your Webcam. Zawara Virtual Fitting Room then displays an image of the clothing you're interested in superimposed on your body. By maneuvering the AR tag around you can position the apparel exactly how you want it to match your body--so you get to see a rough image of what you'd look like wearing the actual garment.

It doesn't stop there:  If you want a second opinion from friends, she can snap a photo of the faux dress and share it on Facebook for immediate feedback. And, of course, you can buy the items you select.

The upshot is that you get an online equivalent of taking your pals to the mall to check out some new threads, all from the comfort of your own PC and with a little added zing of social media. Sure, you'll miss out on the face-to-face chatter with your friends, the tasty frapuccinos, and the ability to twirl in a new dress...but it's the future, right?

View Zawara Virtual Fitting Room:

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