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ZAWARA® is a clothing line that specializes in stylish, modest, elegant and fashionable apparels. Our goal is to provide an extensive line of modest clothes, without having to sacrifice style. You will be able to wear our line to a broad range of functions: from everyday events to corporate parties. We hope to not only meet the needs of women looking for modest wear, but all those who are seeking elegant dresses
There is a frequent misconception that if clothing is described as modest, it is boring, outdated, and lacking personal style. We respectfully disagree! Rising hems and lowering necklines may constitute a large part of what fashion is today, but for every revealing look that exists there is a covered up, stylish alternative.
Zawara recognizes the desire of women to dress sophisticatedly whilst still being modest and chic. Modest fashion is now a universal concept we all could relate to.

Our clothes are handcrafted using high quality fabric such as sateen silk, chiffon, silk and cotton. Our teams of designers are enthusiastic women who know what looks good and feels well on women. We are a believer of style meets comfort.
Call Us: +6.03.26020152
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ZAWARA Boutique
Busana Shopping Complex Menara Mara, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Seksyen 7, Shah alam


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